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54M1R / Collegium Artisticum 2016


U okviru godisnje izlozbe Collegium Artisticum predstavio sam rad 54M1R iz serije PR0570R1 5J3C4NJ4.
Alternativni proces nastanka ove panoramske fotografije fasade bivse kasarne "Marsal Tito" u Sarajevu moze se kategorisati u "slit scan" projekte.
Sadrzaj digitalno nadopunjene realnosti kreiran za ovaj rad nadopunjen je slikom i kratkom sekvencom tekstualnih sadrzaja koji u slojevima gradjenim preko inicijalne slike uspostavljaju kratku narativnu strukturu.

Naziv rada / PR0S70R1 5J3C4NJ4 – 54M1R
godina nastanka / 2015
tehnika / digitalna fotografija

AR / AURASMA digitalni kanal: zlatanf

7H47 U5ED 70 BE 4 P47H / Connectivity – Tashkeel

7H47 U5ED 70 BE 4 P47H / 2L474N F1L1P0V1C

7H47 U5ED 70 BE 4 P47H is a work from a series 7HE PL4CE5 0F MEM0RY an ongoing exploration of the technological capabilities of portable smart imaging devices and the ways in which the panoramic image contents are created. This exploration PU5HE5 an alternative method of CON7R0L of the very process of mapping the landscapes. To say that the works are created by a smartphone in the mode of a panoramic image capturing is not enough. The algorithms for image stitching are expecting a certain visual information that expects a single point perspective. That place of pushing the technology in to the UNKN0WN and UNEXP3C73D is a first step in breaking of the rules and exploring with the control of the ERR0R.
My decision is to M0V3 from the expected and map the landscapes with a constant change in the vantage point. This process of the construction of the space/place sometimes lasts even several minutes. The process of selection of the content in various planes ranging from foreground, middle and background affects the C0N57RUC710N process of stitching the image.
In a way I change my role from a passive observer of the landscape to a 5C4NNER.


PR0570R1 5JEC4NJ4 | 7HE PL4CE5 0F MEM0RY

umjetnicka galerija bosne i hercegovine
prostori sjecanja | the places of memory
PR0570R1 5JEC4NJ4 | 7HE PL4CE5 0F MEM0RY
zlatan filipovic
2L474N F1L1P0V1C

Umjetnicko/istrazivacki projekat i izlozba PR0570R1 5JEC4NJ4 | 7HE PL4CE5 0F MEM0RY autora Zlatana Filipovica, pedagoga i umjetnika iz Sarajeva donisi jedan novi opus propitivanja uloge i uticaja digitalnih tehnologija na savremeni umjetnicki izraz.
Prostor polaznih tacaka u kreiranju digitalnih panoramskih zapisa u ovoj seriji nalaze se na lokaciji Sarajeva i Sarze (Sharjah) u Ujedinjenim Arapskim Emiratima.
Iako na prvi pogled panorame izgledaju sasvim realisticni prikazi pomenutih prostora odredjena doza neobicnog i drugacijeg raslojava planove ovih prostora posmatrac ubrzo pocinje da uvidja jednu novu dimenziju transformacije i popunjavanja prostora elementima koji u izvornosti poticu sa tih lokacija.

Materijalnu i staticnu dimenziju digitalnih foto radova nadopunjuje digitalni dinamicka augumentacija (AR augmented reality) komponentu rada kojij ce posjetioci moci pristupiti uz kositenje programa/aplikacije dostupne za iOS i android uredjaje. (Aurasma AR)

Digitalno nadopunjena realnost (AR) je polje koje Filipovic u svom pedagoskom i kreativnom radu vec neko vrijeme istrazuje.
U oviru izlozbe biti ce predstavljen i prototip AR monografije, projekta u razvoju a ciji je cilj kreiranje aplikacije za iOS/android uredjaje sa fokusom na predstavljanje umjetnika, galerija i institucija kulture.

digital_ia.15 / SharjahVantagePointOfView

re_manufact / SharjahVantagePointOfVIew series

By Zlatan Filipovic

Photographs in this series are products of reMediating the footage of the image based documentation. The changing vantage point, time delay between each of the photos and process of reCompositing are the parameters at play.
These are the starting elements and experimentation departs from here with a intent to create image forms questioning how does it feel to be here and now…

“… It was the end of Spring and paying another visit to the Heart of Sharjah without much planning in advance turned out to surprise me with the vibrant voices of the locals that normally stay in the cooler and more usual meeting spots like shopping malls and restaurants. It was the time of the Heritage Days Festival.
For many years I have been visiting Sharjah yet somehow always remained disconnected from the encounters with the local customs and people beyond the fragmented exposure to the acted-like scenarios of performing the memories of the Heritage.

Now I was able to take more of a neutral point and actually for the first time capture a series of short video clips that allowed me to construct these tapestry like landscapes of urban milieu interwoven with people on the street avoiding the projection of stereotypes about the foreign.

The point of view I took allowed me to move over the crowds and map the moments of the everyday and patterns people created in the open areas of the urban landscape.

Inspired and mesmerizing by the potential of slit-scan camera process I engaged alternative photo-mapping activity combining time-based imagery and image stitching algorithms to produce this Mapping of the City of Sharjah series.

Keyworkds: #TheSlitScanCameraReConsidered #Point of view, #Elevation, #DistanceYetCloseness, #TextureAndDensityOfTheSharjah, #RemappingTheCity, #PiecingThePuzzleTogether, #TapestryOfTheCity,

ISEA 2014 – Location

The Camp That is Not There

The Camp That is Not There

The Camp That Is Not There

The world's leading Conference and Exhibition of Electronic Art ISEA took place in the United Arab Emirates organized by Zayed University.
I produced a new body of work titled "The Camp That Is Not There" that addressed the issues of Location (the main theme of the ISEA 2014).
An augmented reality (AR) panoramic photography work showcased my relationship to the location of the, now "missing" UAE National Guard camp site that has been dislocated.

Vantage Point Sharjah / Sharjah Art Foundation

VIsit to the Vantage Point Sharjah Exhibition in the G-H Gallery spaces




Anale crteža BiH – MOSTAR GRAND PRIX 2012

Izložba „Anale crteža BiH MOSTAR GRAND PRIX 2012“, je tradicionalna godišnja smotra bosanskohercegovačkog crteža. ULUBIH u saradnji sa Centrom za kulturu Mostar i pokroviteljstvom Grada Mostara priređuje jubilarno „15 Anale crteža Bosne i Hercegovine – MOSTAR GRAND PRIX 2012“

Izložba je selektivnog karaktera [Umjetnički savjet ULUBiH-a]

Otvaranje izložbe je zakazano za 14.07.2012. godine u galeriji Centra za kulturu Mostar,
Rade Bitange 13, Mostar 88000
19.00 h

Mawtini exhibition

With my photographic work I am participating in an exhibition Mawtini in Dubai’s Tashkeel Gallery in Nad al Sheba.

“Home, the spot of earth supremely blest, a dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest” – Robert Montgomery

We are living in an increasingly complex world in which barriers and borders are being broken down and where conventional concepts of “homeland” and “belonging” are being challenged. This is of particular relevance in the United Arab Emirates, where almost 80% of the population is living away from their so-called home country, and yet for so many of these people, this is truly “home”.

Tashkeel invites you to the opening reception of the group show

(My home)

Selected works from a themed open call by 21 UAE based artists .

ِِAlaa Kahel
Alia Lootah
Ammar Al Attar
Bela Bhatt
Carrie Brummer
Christiana De Marchi
Debjani Bhardwaj
Fatma Al Mulla
Hamad Al Falasi
Hind Demithan
Maialen Dissard
Martin Budny
Naz Shahrokh
Nivedita Saha
Rasha Dakkak
Reem Falaknaz
Saba Qisilbash
Sam Faix
Shamma Al Amri
Tonya Sweet
Zlatan Filipovic

Opening reception, 7pm, Tuesday 13 of March 2012

Exhibition runs from 13 March 2012 to 30 April 2012

Location: Intersection street 5 and 20, Nad Al Sheba 1, Dubai

يتشرف تشكيل بدعوتكم لحضور افتتاح المعرض الجماعي


أعمال فنية مختارة مستوحاه من موضوع المعرض لــ 21 فنان مقيم بالإمارات

علاء كحل
علياء لوتاه
عمار العطار
بلا بهات