I dent it Y sustaining identity

ZF video work for – Sustaining Identity in Tashkeel Hub

I dent It Y sustaining identity

We live.

We adapt.

We change.

We make sub/conscious decisions on how we develop and build our own Identity.

We do this by:

Decisions of what will we engage in.

Decisions of where we reside.

And even by what we chose to leave behind…

Sometimes the small simple actions trigger the waves of memories

and bring to the surface the very core of the fabric of the Identity we have formed to be.

Little rituals and daily routines, like repetitive simple gestures of removing the snow from the staircase can become the mantras and portals to the meditative ReConnecting experience.

Experience of who we WERE, ARE and WHAT we WANT to become.

The blanks and pauses in this process of repetitive loops are equally important give us reflective space. The short pauses are filled with a sort of ReStart in our continuous routine of being.

The recoiling in contrast to the swiping action of the cleansing provides for the anticipation of removing the stacks of modifiers, modifiers that transform non-destructively the base and the foundation of our core identity, our default state.



Y ?

Y sustain ?

Y reSet ?

Y strive to stay in the default state?

Y not embrace the chance?

Y not embrace the change?



P.S> Be it sand, dust or snow particles that endlessly keep covering and altering our default identity states we should enjoy little moments of simple rituals to remember, celebrate and ReInform the key-frames of our Identity’s parametric transformations over time.