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Memory revealed / narrative video workshop

Discontinuity of generation dialogue or what do we have in common?

Narrative video workshop

Memory Revealed

Zlatan Filipović & Vedran Rešidbegović

Working framework – narrative video workshop (brief):

In order to personalize the contexts of the narrative topics a kind of swot analysis will be applied as an individual and later a group activity. This is aimed at producing a platform of “what do we have in common?” terms and opinions that will then be utilized for production of audio‐visual responses in a form of short clips.
A matrix/database of clips will be created by workshop participants that will provide raw material for re‐mixing and creation of narrative structures that will
provide creative response to the raised question from, more specifically, the sub‐ title of the Project ‐ INDIVIDUAL UTOPIAS NOW AND THEN – Discontinuity of generation dialogue or what do we have in common?
In turn this will provide for two outcomes of this workshop: group project, a collection of video clips; Individual critical/re‐mix = memory revived response to the framework of the Project.

1. Adela Jušić, BH
2. Igor Bošnjak, BH
3. Marija Blizanac, BH
4. Naida Begović, BH
5. Lana Čmajčanin, BH
6. Gabor Ripli, SR
7. Marko Bokan, SR
8. Milan Jančirić, SR
9. Ana Daci, AL
10.Klodi Agostini, AL
11.Illir Kaso, AL
12.Sembie Gishto, AL
dvd menu for the project

Roaming Images – workshop+exhibition

Maraya Art Centar, Al Qasba, Sharjah, UAE

This project is a collaboration with the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art of Greece and the 3rd Thessaloniki Biennale of Greece.

The workshop took place from 12-14 June 2011, 6-9PM  at the Maraya Art Centre in Sharjah with participation of 10 invited artists and other scholars.
An exhibition followed on 22 June.

This is a first event of a project which aims to re-define, through the use of images, their relation of the cultural heritage of the Arabic peninsula and the Eastern Mediterranean region. This traveling project, will open first during the Thessalonoki Biennale on 18 September 2011 and will travel to other places in the Middle East.

Roaming Images Workshop – record_v1 from zlatan filipovic on Vimeo.

MUBI Underground Art: Chris Marker’s “PASSENGERS” Exhibit

Underground Art: Chris Marker’s “PASSENGERS” Exhibit

Cocteau used to say that at night, statues escape from museums and go walking in the streets. During my peregrinations in the Paris Metro, I sometimes made such unusual encounters. Models of famous painters were still among us, and I was lucky enough to have them sitting in front of me. —Chris Marker

Paris metro PASSENGERS

BRIEF HISTORIES – Winter/Spring 2011 openes

Organised by Fawz Kabra and Isak Berbic in the United Arab Emirates, BRIEF HISTORIES is a developing program with the initial event opened on March 17, 2011.

I have contributed my reactive installation work titled ENGAGE, CHANGE.

Installation view


Sarah Abu Abdallah
Tarek Al Ghoussein
Hala Ali
Abbas Akhavan
Brandon Alvendia
Tairone Bastien
Myron Beasley
Sema Bekirovic
Amir Berbic
Isak Berbic
Dunja Blazevic
Sofia Bytterbier
Jean Marie Casbarian
Nada Dada
Karee Dahl
Vincent Dermody
Nicolas Dumit Estevez
Renate Ferro
Zlatan Filipovic
Eric Fleischauer
Khaled Hafez
Ibro Hasanovic
Samuel Jablon
Frans Jacobi
Emilia and Ilya Kabakov
Jeremiah Bendik Keymer
Wes Kline
Vincent Leow
Jennifer and Kevin McCoy
Laura Marks
Timothy Murray
Damir Niksic
Brian O’Doherty
Melentie Pandilovski
Zoran Poposki
Colin Reaney
Michael Robinson
Ben Russell
Shirin Sabahi
Larissa Sansour
Nebojsa Shoba Seric
Edgar Serrano
LeRoy Stevens
Deborah Stratman
Pelin Tan
Lantian Xie